How to upload your data

One of the convenient things about Hupreter is that it makes data processing feel effortless. But to do that, you need to upload your data first. In this page, we will show you how to upload and use your tables.

You can upload .csv tables (.xslx coming soon) by using the upload-arrow button. The upload process stores the table as a variable which can be used as any other variable. Example:

Upload a table for Hupreter
Upload a table for Hupreter

As you can see, once the table is uploaded, Hupreter tells you the variable name with which you can use it. In this case, the name was ‘upl_nbaplayers21’. The prefix ‘upl_’ stands for uploaded. From that point on, you can visualize the data with charts or apply statistical functions to it.

Next: creating visualizations of your data.