Create an APP with Hupreter

To start with something simple, let’s create a lottery app. We want it to randomly select the winning person, from a list of names. Below, you can see the instructions, our program:

Select a random item from ['Julia', 'Mike', 'Dan', 'Oliver', 'Eva']. Print it
Lottery app using Hupreter
Creating a Lottery app using Hupreter

Parametrizing your app with inputs

Now, let’s say we instead want to let the user say a number to pick the lucky winner. For that case, we add an input that will be used by the App in each execution. To that end, we write the following program:

Select the lucky_number value from ['Julia', 'Mike', 'Dan', 'Oliver', 'Eva']. Print it
Lucky number app using Hupreter
Creating a lucky number app using Hupreter

Example with numbers

So far, we haven’t done anything with numbers, so here goes one.

Create a list of all the numbers up to 10. For each number in the list, check if it is even and if so, print it.
Even numbers using Hupreter
Finding even numbers with a for-loop using Hupreter

Wrapping up

We can’t wait to see what you build Hupreter. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need any help.